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Splashtag Creator

This is the website that let me make the splatoon banners throughout the Indynet

Every Noise At Once

I Struggle with understanding music genre, this website I once found is a great tool to figure out stuff you like

Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group

Standout weirdcore bread based taxonomy site that I discovered well after wild bread began, but I may still site it as highly influential to my own work

Nana's Recipe Book [click] [160MB]

This is a PDF scan of my own Nana's recipe book she handed down to me. I treasure it very deeply. The original article has long since lost its bindings and its pages are so stained with cooking and steamed with kitchen that they are about to crumble to dust. I can barely read her handwriting when its not in German. her best recipes are on the pages most used.